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The Keys to a Calmer, Happier Home

Go beyond just training - gain the skills to truly understand your dog's behavior, needs, and motivations.

I'm Louise Glazebrook, a dog behavior expert with over 10 years of experience helping owners understand and train their dogs.

I've worked hands-on with families and rescued dogs, created innovative youth programs, and contributed extensively to TV, books, and major media as an authority on dog psychology and care.

After being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in 2021, I founded The Wonder Club during my recovery as a way to virtually help dog owners worldwide when I couldn't work one-on-one. My mission is to change the world for dogs through science-based training and compassionate guidance. The Wonder Club allows me to share my methods and connect with members and their dogs on their training journeys.


We Have You Covered Every Step Of The Way

Whether you are looking for on going support and coaching as your puppy matures
or you are looking for specific breed advice and quick solutions to common problems
you will finally have the confidence you need to create the best life for you and your fur baby.


The Wonder Club

The Wonder Club Membership is for all dog owners looking to build a deeper bond and understanding with their canine companion. This is not just a training club, it is a comprehensive program to help you truly understand your dog's behavior, needs, and motivations.

  • Puppy owners learning the ropes of raising and training a young dog
  • Adult dog owners wanting to deepen their relationship and improve behaviors
  • Rescue dog owners needing help acclimating their dog to home life
  • Senior dog owners looking to enrich their dog's golden years

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Breed Specific Masterclasses

Taken from my direct interaction and working with my clients for the past 10 years, these master classes will help you master specific dog breeds.

  • Anyone considering specific breeds and want to learn how to pick the perfect match
  • Existing breed owners looking to build a life together built on love
  • Mixed breed owners who are trying to conquer behavior traits their dog may have

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Problem Solver Mini Courses

Can't curb your dog's anxiety, boredom or jumping? My quick problem-solving courses make it easy to overcome common dog issues.

  • Reducing Anxiety, Beating Boredom, Living in Harmony with Kids, And more!
  • Short, focused video lessons
  • Easy tips you can start using right away

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